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My name is Jim Lucas, and I have been a Vistage Chair for 12 ½ years covering the Brandywine Valley of southeast Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware

I recently was asked by one of my members to participate in a ‘Breakthrough to PRIME’ 2 day workshop with Ian MacDougall. I observed Ian lead the member’s senior leadership team of 11 people through a truly ‘transformative” experience that significantly helped them identify the issues that needed to be resolved if the company is to get to PRIME and avoid ‘aging’.

Ian was able to gain the participants confidence at the outset with his natural style and wonderful sense of humor, to the extent that they opened up in an extremely candid way that really get the heart of the challenges they faced. They did this without finger pointing. No one felt ‘attacked’

Having 11 business leaders of an $80M company not available in their offices or the field for 2 days represented a major commitment but Ian’s leadership resulted in a significant return on that investment. By the end of the workshop the team had developed and bought into the key initiatives required by the Leadership Team to take the organization to PRIME. They also demonstrated the requisite energy and commitment to work on these a one team.

Feel free to contact me either by email or telephone and I will share more details about why Ian’s ‘Breakthrough to Prime’ workshop is well worth the financial and time investment for any leadership team seeking to get to their organization next growth level of the lifecycle.”

Jim Lucas (Vistage Chair)

My most heartfelt thanks for the amazing job you did coaching us during our Strategic Planning retreat. You were dynamic, entertaining, insightful, patient and took the time to understand us. I will recommend you highly always.”
Anne Demers
Specialty Tile Products
Norcross, GA

Both my Key Group and my CE Group found your presentation to be one of – if not THE – best and most useful presentations we have had. And, it has provided plenty of follow up work, both individually and with the group. SO, I’d like to ask now if I can get you in my schedule next year for both groups with your Change Management talk.”
Oneida DeLuca (Vistage Chair)
Thank you again for your instruction and guidance last week in Hong Kong. This had to be one of the best training courses I’ve attended. The role-play and practice, and your patience and direction, helped make it. I hope you had a good trip back to the US and perhaps we’ll see you out here
for advanced facilitation training next year. ”
Roger W. McAvoy,
Director of Client Services & Consulting, Asia
Thomson Financial
Corporate LifeCycles has the best methodology for organizational alignment and change management that I know…”
Richard Harrington, CEO
Thomson Corporation
United States
When you haven’t been involved in a particular business for very long – – there is no way you will ever get a better return for two days’ worth of effort, in terms of understanding your business and its issues, than by going through a Lifecycle Assessment Workshop…”
Mike Tansey, CEO
Thomson Scientific and Healthcare
United States
I like the way we got the real issues out on the table. It focused us in a unified way on attacking problems instead of symptoms – or each other…”
Rick Noble, CEO
United States
We have seen about a 15-20 percent reduction in our transaction cost as the result of Pathway to PRIME®. We defined how we operate our help desks around the world and moved that to a standardized process that has resulted in a 10 percent decline in costs. We have seen a three-fold increase in new clients…”
Michael Brannick, President and CEO
United States

The Corporate LifeCycles approach to strategic change, founded on a deep understanding of the developmental maturity of our organization, gave us clear insight into the difference between normal and abnormal problems, and this in turn helped to guide the order in which initiatives were tackled…”
Brian Marshall, Managing Director
Thales Defense Information Systems
United Kingdom
Over the past 15 years I have used the Corporate LifeCycles process to help improve three different companies. The system is engaging, practical, efficient and effective. It works, because by the end of the sessions the management team believes in it.”
Jeff MacDonald
CEO, Jobson Healthcare Information LLC
Our work with Corporate LifeCycles on organizational structure, goals and strategy was essential in ensuring Iceland‘s great success as guest of honour 2011 at the Frankfurt book-fair, the world‘s most important book-fair.”
Halldór Guðmundsson
Director, Fabulous Iceland
The Corporate LifeCycles process worked for us. It brought clarity and focus to our strategic options and helped us to develop an implementation plan that had the support of the entire senior management team. I strongly recommend it…”
Fred Cahill CEO
ERA Technology Ltd
United Kingdom
Corporate LifeCycles is to business as Polaris is to celestial navigation…”
Mr. W. Robert Slate, Principal
Slate Consulting
United States
A structured and highly effective approach to organizational change that delivered tangible and positive results from our efforts to rejuvenate our company and prepare for a competitive energy market…”
Fridrik Sophusson, CEO
The National Power Company
A simple yet effective set of tools and methodology for a company to align its organization, validate or develop its strategy and structure itself to reach a high level of performance. Their approach also ensures that all of this gets implemented…”
Jay Spach, Sr Vice-President
The Thomson Corporation
United States
The only change management process we have ever been able to say actually works and it has become the method by which we do business effectively…”
Jeri Ferree
Vice President, Human Resources
Micromedex, Inc.
United States

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Client Comments

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