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Topic: Understanding the Corporate Lifecycle

All living things, including organizations, have a lifecycle. They are born, they grow and over time many will age and die. As they progress along this lifecycle, organizations can expect to encounter certain predictable challenges. How management responds to these will ultimately determine the success or failure of the organization.

Making successful lifecycle transitions is not easy or obvious. The methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next. Leaders who fail to understand what is needed (and not needed) can inhibit the successful development of their organization.

This fast-paced workshop will challenge some of your basic assumptions about management. It will also provide you with simple and powerful management tools that have proven to be highly successful in transforming organizations into high performers.

Key take-aways that can be immediately put to use will include:

  1. Understand the 4 attributes of organizations in their PRIME, and be equipped to focus your managerial energy and resources on the right things.
  2. Debunk the myth of the ‘perfect’ manager and learn why people are often hired for what they know and fired for who they are.
  3. Learn how to discriminate between normal age appropriate problems that managers have to live with versus those that are abnormal and need to be solved.
  4. Learn how to predict the future problems of any department, function or business unit.

Presentations can be tailored for 1 hour to 3 hours

Sample audience comments:

  • Ian MacDougall is a great speaker
  • Excellent – he communicates well and applies his content to everyday business.
  • Very informative and eye-opening. Very engaging, animated, excellent presentation
  • He has answers to what we need to know
  • He was dynamic, fun and pointed. He caused me to question my business structure and concepts
  • He knows his subject well
  • After hearing Jack Welch and Jim Collins, to name a few, I thought I had heard it all. I was wrong! You provided a masterful description of the ways organizations rise and fall through the organizational life cycle and how to get to PRIME. You were as entertaining as you were insightful. You really helped me understand where our organization is, why it is there, and what we can do to get to PRIME and stay there. Thank you again for an outstanding presentation.
  • The best presentation I have ever heard for understanding myself and my business
  • Great presentation, clear material, good examples, good sense of humor and minimum hype
  • Ian is right up there with the best.
  • Truly invigorating. This was probably the best presentation we have ever heard
  • Thanks for a great presentation. We will be talking about this well into the future
  • This was a very real topic for my company’s stage of development
  • Ian MacDougall is a gifted presenter– lively, funny and great pacing. His content is full of ah-ha’s and insights for everyone from company founders to hired gun-CEOs

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