How We Work

We are experienced and persistent agents of change who roll-up our sleeves and work side-by-side with our clients. We are consultants, facilitators and coaches. To each of these roles we bring the pragmatic perspective of former senior executives with a bias towards practical solutions and rapid implementation. Our powerful concepts, tools and methods for accelerating change surface and unlock the expert knowledge, innovation and energy already resident in the client organization. We understand that while ideas are a commodity, execution is not and so we help our clients discover their own solutions, and in this way build ownership and strong commitment to implementation.

Everything we do is based upon a handful of guiding principles:

  • Commitment: Accountable execution is the natural outcome of engaging the right people, working on the right tasks, equipped with the right resources.
  • Collaboration: Productive teamwork in a climate of mutual trust and respect is the optimal path to high performance in every organization. Change is always something best done “with” not “to” an organization.
  • Critical Thinking: 90% of the issues that need to be addressed to improve performance in an organization are already known – but they are generally known by individuals, not by the organization. An irreverent search for this “truth” is required.
  • Customers: The primary purpose of every organization is to deliver compelling value to its customers. Underperforming organizations have often lost sight of this goal.
  • Conflict: Change only begins when there is strong dissatisfaction with the status quo. Meaningful change necessarily creates conflict that must be constructively harnessed. Skepticism is a virtue.
  • Choice: Tackle 1st things first and 2nd things never, because there is no need to address them all

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