Executive Development – PRIME Knowledge®

PRIME Knowledge® workshops provide access to powerful tools and concepts that enable managers, individual contributors and internal change agents to become more effective business partners. Each workshop is fast-paced and interactive. The curriculum for each includes some lecturing but the majority of the work involves small group exercises

The following workshops are currently available:

Understanding your Organization:
Understand why your organization has the problems it has. Which problems are normal? Which are pathological and need remediation? How do organizations grow, age, and renew themselves? What can you as a business partner do to help your management team understand problems from a lifecycle perspective? How can you help your organization avoid the pitfalls of organizational atrophy?

Aligning Your Organization:
Understand breakthrough approaches to aligning your organization’s purpose, mission, and strategies and assuring that the organization is structured appropriately to drive execution. Learn how to align metrics and rewards in your organization to cement behaviors and assure implementation.

Improving Your Organization:
Become familiar with tried and true concepts and methods for assuring that implementation happens in your organization. Understand how to clearly assign responsibilities, task teams, facilitate change, and assure execution.

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