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Our unique approach to change management is based on the principle that organizations – like living organisms – have a life cycle and that they exhibit repetitive patterns of behavior as well as predictable problems as they grow and age. At each stage of an organization’s development, it is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly leadership addresses these issues, and makes the changes that are necessary for a healthy transition from one stage to the next will determine the ultimate success or failure of that organization.

Corporate LifeCycles has developed powerful tools that enable organizations to navigate these difficulties and reach PRIME – the optimal lifecycle stage. Since 1989, we have partnered with Founders, CEOs, Presidents and their leadership teams to implement our core change management platform – Pathway to PRIME © – to accelerate the achievement of their growth, profit and other business goals.

We are experienced and persistent agents of change who roll-up our sleeves and work side-by-side with our clients. We are consultants, facilitators and coaches. To each of these roles we bring the pragmatic perspective of former senior executives with a bias towards practical solutions and rapid implementation. Click on the links below for a brief description of our other professional services.

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This assessment will help you discriminate between normal, or age appropriate problems, and abnormal or potentially fatal problems in your organization. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time to complete it.

“As the CEO of different organizations and a board member in others, I had extensive experience working with Ian and the principles of Corporate LifeCycles.
The refocusing and structuring that Ian helped us with were in all instances highly successful and great for team building.
I have retired to write fiction but if I return to the real world I would engage Corporate LifeCycles again.”
Óskar Magnússon

Corporate LifeCycles Founder
Ian MacDougall.
Pathway to PRIME®
Our core change management platform ‘Pathway to PRIME©’ enables organizations to remain competitive amid constant turbulence and disruption.
Executive Development
Essential insights, concepts and tools for team leaders, individual contributors and change agents.
Speeches and Workshops
Dynamic, pointed, engaging and informative presentations that can be tailored to your audience.
Partnership Opportunities
We are willing to explore opportunities to partner with training or consulting practices that would benefit from access to our unique tools, methods and processes.